Electronic information about the product brand Vietnam, bridge production with domestic and international.


Mercantile Exchange electronic trading Made-in-vietnam.com owned by JSC Marketing Online Made-in-Vietnam, is a company established and operating legally in Vietnam.

  1. Purpose

Made-in-vietnam.com web portal is the biggest in Vietnam products, help businesses connect Vietnam with the domestic market and internationally.

Made-in-vietnam.com performs promoting  products originated from Vietnam, providing reliable information about the businesses, environment for international businesses makes corporating to Vietnamese Manufactures and Suppliers.

  1. Principle

This Regulation issued the mandatory provisions applicable to the members of Made-in-vietnam.com. Everyone involved in transactions on Made-in-vietnam.com responsible to comply with contents of the Regulation.

Terms and conditions of this Regulation will control the use of services supplied by the Company and available on the website Made-in-vietnam.com and all the web pages ('Site') .

By using the Site, users are deemed to have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in the Regulation, as well as the terms and conditions implied and / or covers.

All content in this Regulation shall comply with the current legal system of Vietnam. Members joining Made-in-vietnam.com must understand their legal responsibilities, legal compliance and content management Made-in-vietnam.com Regulation.


  2. Domain: Exchange eCommerce Made-in-Vietnam domain name transaction is: http://made-in-vietnam.com
  3. On the user: The user is understood as the users of services on trading platform Ecommerce member Made-in-vietnam.com include selling, buying members, who look up product information , find partners on Made-in-vietnam.com without registration í login account.

An individual or enterprise as defined below, and includes any person browsing and / or viewing the web page, as well as any person posting any advertising and sale of any item on the page web:

+ 'Individual' - The service is provided only to individuals capable of engaging in an agreement with legal force under the laws of Vietnam.

+ 'Enterprise' - services provided to companies and / or businesses. Any person who uses services as a representative for companies that assure that you have the authority to bind the enterprise on the terms and conditions set out in the Regulation.

  1. On the binding regulations: The Company may amend Regulation from time to time for reasons related to the law or regulations, or to ensure the website works properly and smoothly.

If users continue to use the Site and / or the Company provided services on the Site ("Services") after the amendment comes into force, Users will be said to have agreed to be bound by the revised regulations. In case the user does not agree with the amendment, Users may not continue to use the Site and / or Services.

  1. Goods, products and services involved in transactions must meet all the provisions of the relevant law, not on the business cases prohibit, ban advertising as prescribed by law. The product is posted on Made-in-vietnam.com commodity products have originated from Vietnam
  2. Advertisement: The business objects, organizations and individuals in the country and internationally are allowed to post images, brand your business on made-in-vietnam.com form of advertising or financial Support. But images from the originating producer Vietnam is not raised in any page Made-in-vietnam.com reporting format or advertisements.
  3. Audience members are given priority as manufacturers, traditional and units thereof export procurement, quality Vietnamese goods will be prioritized promotion made-in-vietnam.com page.
  4. Interact with the community: Made-in-Vietnam built in the model of two-way interaction between the user and the website.

Users can receive information directly from accessing the website, or newsletter signup to submit articles systems, products and updates to the user. Conversely system allows online users to post reviews of products, businesses, send comments to manufacturer.

Made-in-vietnam.com will have department editors censor information on the public to bring information directly related to the products of Vietnam in general. For the assessment reviews and comments on specific products or services of the enterprise, the default will be transferred directly to your account on Made-in-vietnam.com business managers to actively control business bringing the message to the public. Before completing reporting, articles, comments on the made-in-Vietnam, the user must enter the correct necessarily your email, and must confirm the information content of the sender's email inbox.

Made-in-vietnam.com offer request utility, anyone can send requests to made-in-Vietnam, that request will be sent automatically to the members registered service provider service. To ensure the feedback to be effective, people must enter the exact request email and contact phone number.

  1. Regarding the guarantee provision of services: The company does not guarantee access to the service is continuous, uninterrupted or secure, and there may be many factors intervene in the operation of the website located beyond the control of the Company. Website and the Service is provided "as is" and when available, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and including without limitation, the implied warranty merchantability, fitness for purpose, title and non-infringement.
  2. The headings and captions of this Regulation shall be taken into solely for the purpose of reference and convenience undefined, unlimited, explain or describe in any manner the scope and scale of any Any provision of this Regulation.

The Company did not take any action for violations of the user or any other person shall not constitute a waiver of the Company to act processing rights violations or similar then.

If any provision of this Regulation shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable be, that provision will be removed but the remaining provisions will be enforced.



  1. Process for the seller (or also called providers)

Made-in-vietnam.com allows enterprises, individual business households account creation, introduction of intelligent, enter product information, brand, their manufacturing sector online (online) on the Internet.

After receiving the registration information of the enterprise, Made-in-Vietnam will actively browsing information, contact the registration, certification information and classify groups of suppliers to provide information on appropriate forum made-in-vietnam.com page.

The process will be implemented as follows:

+ Register Sellers merchant ecommerce Made-in-vietnam.com floor.

+ System based on registrant í email account, send a request to the seller revalidate all email and email accounts had registrant í

+ After the seller confirmation email, your account will be reactivated sales, allowing sellers to update account information, vendor information, photos, product description, the article referred to the Made- in-Vietnam

+ Before being displayed on the page Made-in-vietnam.com, the Board Made-in-Vietnam will implement the approved information prepared in accordance with published information page Made-in-vietnam.com

Made-in-Vietnam special priority subjects is a manufacturer, traditional crafts, processing units for purchase directly.

Business accounts are allowed to bring the following information:

+ Introduction of businesses, products

+ Goods and products, Vietnam (with the subjects preferred)

+ Product promotion, priority placement display (for items Vietnam)

+ Advertising, promoting business products and corporate brand

+ The promotional image file, certificate of enterprise products

  1. Procedure for the purchase ("Buyer")

Buyers search order, refer to the product information on the Web site and choose their products, contact the seller to negotiate the purchase.

Buyers can send a request to Made-in-Vietnam mediate to help find partners provide. However Made-in-Vietnam will not participate in the purchase agreement between the two parties.

  1. Process confirm / cancel, freight forwarders

Buyer and seller negotiate the delivery and payment together. Buyer and seller communicate with each order through information provided Seller to confirm the purchase or cancel the purchase.

  1. Other processes

- Process warranty / maintenance product: the Seller and Buyer agree Self warranty and product maintenance.

- The process of settling disputes, complaints:

+ All disputes, claims related to transactions on the exchange of electronic commerce between buyers and sellers will be the two sides must resolve together.

+ About the company, the site has notification mechanism false advertising. If the seller has identified violations, the Company may dispose of these Regulations.

+ Any dispute arising between the Company and User will be settled on the basis of negotiation. Where no agreement is reached as expected, either party may bring the case to the People's Court has jurisdiction to resolve.

Below is a dispute resolution process, specific complaints:

+ When disputes arise or complaints, firstly the aggrieved party will contact the other party to the complaint, exchange and find ways to solve on the basis of negotiation and mediation.

+ When not be settled by negotiation, mediation as above, the aggrieved party gathering evidence such as emails, text messages etc. Made-in-vietnam.com site ... and contact the company via email admin@made-in-vietnam.com or telephone number +84 (4) 3837323. Company representatives will be in touch with the complainant to resolve. The company is committed admin@made-in-vietnam.com 24/24 email to receive support every case.

+ If cases exceeding its jurisdiction, the Company will ask the aggrieved referred the matter to the authorities having jurisdiction. In this case, the Company has coordinated support to best protect the aggrieved party.


    1. Buyer and Seller agree to pay themselves together.
    2. Where to advertise or promote services building on Made-in-vietnam.com: When conducting selling advertising on the site made-in-vietnam.com, JSC Online Marketing Made -in-Vietnam will be the unit stand to receive payment. The payment will be made in Vietnam dong via bank transfer.
    Specifically as follows:
    + Customers receive quotes from JSC Online Marketing Made-in-Vietnam.
    + Customers will contact JSC online marketing Made-in-Vietnam to sign a service contract.
    + The customer will pay under the terms of the contract with online marketing company Made-in-Vietnam into account: JSC Online Marketing Made-in-Vietnam, number: 14,021,119,868,017 in Technological and Commercial Bank Vietcombank branch Cua Bac, Hanoi

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