Electronic information about the product brand Vietnam, bridge production with domestic and international.

Made-in-vietnam.com build a database and tools to help customers find partners different ways. However, choosing a suitable partner should still have plenty of time and effort.

To expedite the process more quickly, we offer referral services, corporate connectivity between buyers (now SX, commercial, international partners) with manufacturers, exporters Vietnam.



+ Save time and costs for finding partners: Made-in-vietnam.com will perform the evaluation of suppliers, manufacturers recommend the most appropriate at the request of customers

+ Trust: Made-in-vietnam.com always goes suppliers, exchange information, support information updates, support to promote products, so we are always based on live data and have value for customers


How to perform

+ Registration Trading Account, Trading tool on made-in-vietnam.com

+ Send the information to us, stated the requirements and methods to find partners

+ Based on the request we will send a message to the relevant enterprises to actively filter or find suppliers conform to the requirements of customers


To know the cost of services, please send an email to the address or phone admin@made-in-vietnam.com directly at: 04 2213 6668, Hotline: 090 3229778

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