Electronic information about the product brand Vietnam, bridge production with domestic and international.

1. Made-in-vietnam.com


Made-in-vietnam.com data port is the largest electronic products sourcing Vietnam, connected environment favorable to businesses, manufacturers, exporters Vietnam find partners, develop market bare.


+ Develop product brand image Vietnam prestige and quality;

+ Create a favorable environment for businesses to advertise, recommend and offer products of Vietnam;

+ Develop international trading port of Vietnam modeled business connections with business (B2B)


+ Develop a database (Vietnamese and English) about the product, the manufacturer, the traditional villages of Vietnam

+ Communications promote Vietnam product information, encouraging customers to use Vietnam Vietnam

+ Authentication information, promote their business, support the development of information products

+ Construction tools most conducive to business transactions, product promotion and sale hangMade-in-vietnam.com


2. Information on Made-in-vietnam.com

Made-in-vietnam.com the product information page, now Vietnam to build the brand image of Vietnam quality and reputation in the eyes of consumers in the domestic and foreign customers.

Upload on Made-in-vietnam.com have:

+ Product data, business

+ Local products: Synthesis of specific products in the provinces of Vietnam

+ News, the article introduces the product, the consumer guide

+ Calendar of events: conferences, fairs and exhibitions

Product data, business information products, introduce corporate information is collected from producers in Vietnam, or from the producers put up with censorship by the editors of Made-in -vietnam.com according to the following criteria:

+ Products are manufactured in Vietnam

+ The products branded Vietnam

+ Priority insert Vietnam manufacturers

Local Product Category: Village, local product is the presentation, promotion of culture, tradition crafted, specific production sites in regions associated with Vietnam, which is built from the collection gather data sources: books, documents, articles, reports, the editor of the editorial board Made-in-vietnam.com

Information product introduction, user guide are the articles by the producers sent to Made-in-vietnam.com to introduce the characteristics and features, using products and support consumer choices buy better products.

The article introduces the product, user guide enterprises manufacturing will be reviewed before posting and is posted for free on Made-in-vietnam.com with the following criteria:

+ The positive article branding Vietnam

+ The product is a product introduction, or manufacturer-branded Vietnam

+ Features product features posted to the correct, honest

Newsletter market, now, the Expo is the event information, articles were collected from reliable sources, right to information law to business events, the market situation


3. Community development

Made-in-Vietnam built in the model of two-way interaction between the user and the website.

Users can receive information directly from accessing the website, or newsletter signup to send system messages, products, updates to the system dung.Nguoc allows users to write articles online, evaluate products and businesses, send comments to manufacturer.

Made-in-vietnam.com will have department editors censor information on the public to bring information directly related to the products of Vietnam in general. For the assessment reviews and comments on specific products or services of the enterprise, the default will be transferred directly to your account on Made-in-vietnam.com business managers to actively control business bringing the message to the public. Before completing reporting, articles, comments on the made-in-Vietnam, the user must enter the correct necessarily your email, and must confirm the information content of the sender's email inbox.

Users can create accounts on made-in-vietnam.com. With this account, users will get the information on how to supply a more complete, easier exchange to the vendor.

Made-in-vietnam.com offer request utility, anyone can send requests to a made-in-Vietnam, that request will be sent automatically to the members registered service provider breast. To ensure the feedback to be effective, people must enter the exact request email and contact phone number.


4. Products on Made-in-vietnam.com

The sign up page Made-in-vietnam.com products have to be commodity products have originated from Vietnam.

If the product has no clear origin of Vietnam or quality problems affecting Vietnam Photo goods, we will request confirmation and suppliers will temporarily removed if there is the negative response from community

To create a good image for the brand in Vietnam, depending on the particular category of goods, we limit object lets posted on Made-in-vietnam.com products are direct manufacturers, authorized representative of the manufacturer, the unit purchased, processed goods and export units in Vietnam.

Products posted Made-in-vietnam.com assigned by product group. There are about 6,000 groups of goods are products available detailed declaration to the standard level 6 subheadings that world or use. The inclusion of their products in as much detail, ability to prioritize the higher display on made-in-vietnam.com well as on other search engines on the internet. Note, the product will not display if the product declared at level 1 and 2 categories.

There are two forms of display products on made-in-vietnam.com were:

+ Show in the form of advertising, location, easy to view when access to the main page or category. The products funded or funded will be displayed at the location priority. Enterprise production, trade, sales are set to register the product image and information related to this position.

+ Show as listed by group, product attributes. Products, information providers and products and group will be displayed in each booth (block), listed on the product category. The objects are gold members, donors, corporate reputation has verified, manufacturers have priority placement in the catalog.


5. Business account (supplier)

Made-in-vietnam.com allows enterprises, individual business households account creation, introduction of intelligent, enter product information, brand, their manufacturing sector online (online) on the Internet.

After receiving the registration information of the enterprise, we will actively browsing information, contact the registration, certification information and classify groups of suppliers to provide consistent information on the forum made-in-vietnam.com the page.

We especially priority objects are manufacturers, traditional crafts, processing units for purchase directly.

Accounts now allowed to broadcast information:

+ Introduce the enterprise

+ Goods and products, Vietnam (with the subjects preferred)

+ Product promotion, priority placement display (for items Vietnam)

+ Advertising, promoting business products and corporate brand

+ The promotional image file, certificate of enterprise products


6. Advertising

The object of business, organizations and individuals are allowed to advertise the image, brand your business on made-in-vietnam.com.

Pictures photo products originating producer Vietnam are not allowed on site in any form Made-in-vietnam.com reported or advertisements.

Organizations and individuals wishing to advertise, we will create an account for the client control, exchange of information, reservations required location displayed on made-in-vietnam.com.

Manufacturers, traditional crafts and units thereof to purchase export quality Vietnamese goods will be prioritized promotion made-in-vietnam.com page.

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